Day Off.

No work on the coop tonight.

Both Matt and I took a much needed night off. Matt had some overtime to do, and I’m way backed up on grading. So we took tonight off in hopes of getting some stuff done. We’re back at it tomorrow night – we’ve got to go pick up some metal roofing pieces, roof stripping, and prep the materials for setting up the roof system and water collection system on Wednesday night.

The night wasn’t totally devoid of chicken stuff though — the sale on chicken feed at Copper Creek ends tomorrow so I zipped out this evening and picked up two big bags of Layer Ration to stash in the garage while it was on sale with coupon. (can’t beat $14.99 for 50lbs). Got home to unload the feed, and as soon as I opened the truck door, I could hear Thing 3 screaming from outside the house (she’s teething…) I was this close to closing the truck door and just driving around for a few hours — but I had way too much to get done tonight.

So I put on my big boy pants, unloaded the feed and headed inside… as you can probably imagine, it was exponentially worse in the house.

It was then that remembered an old country remedy for teething… Whiskey.

…The baby’s still screaming, but it doesn’t bother me near as much anymore.


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