Is it seriously 10:42?

I’ll make this the quickest update I’ve ever put on this blog.

1) Today was a long day. Kept going and going and going. What’s up with that?

2) Shannon got one barrel of potatoes planted! W00t! Potatoes.

3) I fixed the arbor in the front yard. Is there anything nails and zipties won’t do? (other than my grading? Seriously nails and zipties – get on that!)

4) Updated several sections on the blog – the “About Us” is up and running, as well as the “Our Faith” section of the blog is complete.

5) Taught the boys the fun of zipties by zip tying their hands behind their backs. Wait, what? No. That didn’t happen. (Yes it did…) Thing 1 is an escape artist… Houdini would be proud.

6) I have to work tomorrow – which means it’s time to sleep.




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