WHAAAATTT??? A Local Food Marketplace… in your pocket?!

… there’s an app for that. At least an experimental app for that. 🙂

Huge thanks to Becky B. for sharing this via Facebook today – as soon as I saw it – I knew I had to share.

The ingenuity of young people never ceases to amaze me – though to be fair I could do without that whole YOLO trend… let me rephrase that… the ingenuity of young people channeled in a productive direction never ceases to amaze me… 🙂


Now… legality in the U.S.?? The FDA won’t even let people sell raw milk – I can’t even imagine the legal fight to allow you to sell your own produce, honey, from your home here in the U.S.

What say you?  Is a barter system better? Should there be a way for you to sell your excess to your neighbors? Can this be done small scale in a neighborhood sans app? Curious to your thoughts.


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