About Us

The Patriarch – Ben “La Barba”  Light

Ben grew up in Spokane Washington, and moved down to Oregon in 1999. Despite having lived here for the past 10+ years, he is still getting used to the rain. He has done a bunch of odd jobs throughout the early years, but finally settled on a career in teaching, which he has been doing since 2004. He has taught at the high school level, but currently teaches 8th Grade Science at a local middle school.  He has been married to Shannon since 2001, and enjoys hunting and fishing, camping and the outdoors, reading, gaming, brewing, and many other things that end in ‘-ing’. He is a dual-classed Level 12 Geek / Level 10 Nerd, and enjoys Doctor Who, Firefly, Comic Books, Tabletop Gaming, Science Fiction and geeking out over fishing.  He is also working very hard on keeping his sanity with three small children running underfoot. His idea of a perfect day off is drifting one of the coastal rivers pursuing Steelhead in the rare Oregon sunshine.

The Matriarch – Shannon “MOAR COFFEE!!” Light

Shannon grew up in the Salem area, and is truly the driving force behind the homestead. She  is the gravity that keeps the whole operation together. If you want proof of this, simply remove her for a day or two and see how quickly it all comes apart at the seams… (We’ve done this… it’s not pretty). She thoroughly enjoys coffee, reading, gardening, and chasing children. She really enjoys her chickens and  desperately wants a couple of dwarf goats to add to the family. Besides being a mommy of three, homemaker, baker, chef, seamstress, part-time farmer, fermentation technician, the chief experimenter, idea person, CFO, CEO and motivator… she works part-time for the YMCA as a Child Wrangler. Her idea of the perfect day off would be sitting in the garden in the early morning with a cup of coffee, her chickens, and the latest issue of Mother Earth News… sans children.

Thing 1 and Thing 2: 

Thing 1 and Thing 2
Both provide general purpose comic relief. They both create an endless soundtrack of humor, insanity and noise to our lives. Realistically – what would we do without them? …besides sleep more… spend more quiet time together… travel… not clean the house 6 times each day… actually, for their sakes, we’d better stop making this list right now… 🙂

Thing 3:

Thing 3
The Diva. We’re truly in trouble.

3 thoughts on “About Us

  1. I just stumbled upon your blog tonight, and I love it. You still crack me up…keep up the good work. id read more, but im too tired now –really interested in reading about the potatoes! YUKON GOLD are my favorite!!

  2. I look forward to following your urban homestead! We have rescue dogs on our city lot, so no room for chickens. Shoot hardly any room for our green food…but Iook forward to reading about another growing food right out their door! robbie

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