Of the 100 staple crops that provide 90% of the world’s food – bees pollinate 71 of them.

However, since the early 2000’s, their numbers have been dropping off precipitously. In fact, in a survey of amateur and commercial beekeepers in the United States this past spring showed that 1/3 of the hives in the US did not survive the winter, that has nothing to do with colony collapse, that has everything to do with inability to overwinter.

Our bees were from a swarm that moved into the neighbors empty boxes this past spring, and because another swarm moved into their other boxes, they are helping us learn the hobby. The bees appear to be Italians (it’s the mustache and the accents…) because of their temperament and coloration (they look very dark in the above picture – they are typically much lighter) The above photo was taken about a month in. There were 4 frames loaded like this with brood and a 5th that was partial. Our little queen was a busy girl for the month that they’ve been here. We’re working at this point to help get them ready for winter, and hopefully have them come into the springtime as an extremely healthy colony.

Check in on the blog for periodic updates to our efforts.

One thought on “Bees

  1. Found your site while searching the Web to see if there is any info about why Bumble bees appear to have all but disappeared from my garden in South Salem. In Spring, we had Yellow Faced BB and some with a red/orangeish stripe on their fannies, not as many as recent Springs, and completely missing our favorites, small Bumble bees we called Red Butts. Now, my last sighting in a month was a large Yellow Faced queen 3 days ago, when queens should have been at home making babies. I have Honey bees, tho not as many as last year, but enough that I see a few working about any place I look in the garden. We have an Urban “Homestead” we have been working on for upwards of 30 years, on a larger than usual lot at Heather Lane and 13th Street off the 12th Street hill. We have raised veggie beds in the back yard and Tomatoes, Zucchini, Sweet Potatoes, Hot Peppers, Strawberries, Apple, Plum, a Fig, Blueberries and a Cherry tree out front interacting with our flowers.
    Have you heard any news about disappearing Bumble bees this summer?

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