Happy Sabbath!


One of the most delightful commands that God has given to mankind is to rest on the seventh day – to keep his Sabbath. To stop the rat race, to cease from your desires and pursuits, and focus introspectively on your life and how you live it, and spend some quality time with Him.

This week, the Sabbath feels so good. I’ve been going pretty well non-stop in a semi-misguided attempt to cram everything humanly possible into this Winter Break before I have to go back to work next week. Spent a few days in the yard working on cleaning things up, then burnt the evening oil working on the chicken coop, fished a hard days fishing yesterday with no fruit to the labor other than the beautiful river on an exceptionally cold day. (It turns out that 23 degrees may be too cold to fish…), then spent some time last evening with some good friends and former co-workers watching the Ducks beat Kansas State, then played some games until WAAAAYYYYY too late…

Needless to say, as this Sabbath began, and I finally stopped moving. I realized how incredibly tired I really was. There’s some danger in starting the Sabbath this exhausted, and it’s not my preferred way to begin…  all you want to do is sleep rather than study, but I’m excited to dig further into the book of Job this evening.

We often refer to the patience (probably more accurately ‘longsuffering’) of Job when we talk about someone who has to deal with a bunch of difficulties, or as one person once told me. “You work with middle school kids… you must have the patience of Job.” My response: “Well… that’s the problem, because no. I don’t – they drive me insane.”

Let’s just leave it at, “Patience is something I could certainly benefit from.”

I just want everything done. I just want to snap my fingers and have the coop finished. Snap my fingers and have the projects done, the urbanite patio, the retaining wall, everything that I’ve had on the docket and working to collect materials for and didn’t get to before the rains hit. *SNAP*

… all done.

The truth is, and you all know this lesson well – the reward isn’t worth it unless the work has been put in. It takes work to build a homestead, to make a home.

Recently, I have been hearing/seeing this song everywhere. Many of you have probably heard it. If you haven’t, check it out – it’s got a catchy tune, and a decent message. Phillip Phillips – Home. We heard it this past weekend at Karaoke with our friends from DC, then it seems like since then, I’m hearing it everywhere. It’s not a new song, and I don’t know how I managed to miss it to this point.

Despite not having television, I manage to stay pretty well connected socially through Facebook and the internet to various trends, and pop culture. (Sadly, it’s a necessity for my job to be up on what’s going on in the world of MTV and other idiotic programming, memes, etc… – you try connecting with 14 year olds if you don’t know what GTL stands for… ) You’ve got to be up on the lingo, people!

Anyway, back to my point. Phillip Phillips. I was listening to the lyrics of the song, and it really spoke to my thoughts of late. Almost like it was meant for me to hear it and listen.

Just know you’re not alone…
Cause I’m going to make this place your home.

Just relax. Place your trust where it should be placed, lean not on your own understanding, trust that I will take care of this, and all will work out the way its supposed to. I will help make your dreams come true here. Be content with what you have.

…In other words, stop grabbing the wheel and trying to drive the car. I’ve got this. Just sit back and enjoy the ride.

A very hard lesson for me to learn. But seeing how God held Job in the palm of his hands… even after all the catastrophe and calamity that befell him. He didn’t keep him from the storm, but he protected him through it – it’s an incredible blessing to know that you have God on your side.

Particularly as my wife and I start down this road. Things have fallen into place, materials for the coop, gifts of food, excellent counsel. It feels to me as though God has blessed our efforts as we’ve worked to make this place what it is.

… and if I’ve got Him on my side, I haven’t a worry in the world.

Shabbat Shalom