The Ides of August – The bees are restless…

This might be normal activity for your hives – for mine – they are typically quite a bit more subdued than this.

3 or 4 in and out at a time, quickly followed by 3 or 4 more… just continuously. This… not so much.

Interesting – and I’m taking it as a sign of good health as the population climbs.



It’s done – all the hardscapes are in, the leftover material is moved, and I’m one tired dude.

Shannon and I have our anniversary coming up – and I did this as her anniversary present. That’s part of the reason why I’ve been busting it to get it in before then, the final piece of that anniversary present is the wad of cash to go down and buy all the primary plants. I ended up finishing a little early, but I’m pretty pleased with it – and so thankful that I have a wife who would rather get something like this than Jewelry…

So Close…


… but I ran out of compost.

Don’t you just hate it when that happens?

We got the top compost layer added to the center beds, topped up the gravel in the paths another inch or two to come partway up the rocks that line the pathways, to hopefully hold them in place a bit, then added about 4-6 inches of compost to the beds raised beds, 3-4 inches on the outsides. We made a large rock garden under the Little Free Library out front… We are close.

…very, very close.

In fact – once it’s all in – the final step is handing Shannon a wad of cash and sending her the nursery.

… should I be scared?


I marvel at what a little color can do.

Primaries, secondaries, accents – whether they’re bold and bright or faded and reserved –  it’s all about the contrast. So when we began to near completion of the front yard project hardscape, we just had to have an accent. I also wanted it to be functional, “read: I needed a place to plant my cheeks at the end of a long day”.

Enter the new Adirondack Chairs. Picked up two of the three they had left at Home Depot the other night – got them assembled and put into place – but it was just kind of blah.

It needed something more.

It needed color. So I got busy today and made a beautiful accent piece for the front garden.


I’m very happy with it, and I’m excited to see how they’ll accent and contrast the remainder of what we’re putting together as we put in the flora over the next few months.

… but for now, back at it – there’s still hours in the day.


Our little scratch addicts…

It always makes me chuckle a little when I throw out the chicken’s scratch, and how they practically dive onto the ground and peck up as much as they can cram in their beaks. Kind of a “Mine, Mine, Mine! Get away! Mine!” It’s like chicken crack. 

I guess that makes me a scratch dealer… well, the first one’s always free.


Look at them looking at me like, where’s some more? Where’s the rest?! They’re always comin’ back for dat Heisenberg.